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  • Adopte Un Piaf

    Val BEE, created the “Adopte Un Piaf “(“Adopt a Bird) concept. She invites you to discover her poetic universe of ceramics (unique pieces) inspired by nature and…

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  • Charlotte Lilja Engman

    Charlotte Lilja Engman creates handmade jewelry with half-precious stones, mostly upon pre-order. Personal meetings, active online communication with the customers in order to customize their orders….

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  • Nathalie Zwiller

    Based on the French Riviera, Nathalie Zwiller uses the crochet technique to create objects: slippers, bags, blankets.

    She also uses crochet to decorate objects. She works…

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  • Ulla

    I like working in many different materials. Glass, textile, different metals, etc.  my beacon is to gladden and ignite their imagination.


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